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Present Your Thoughts in Style!

Content consumption in today’s world is digital and is full of movement. Presentations need to be animated and alive, film based, with customer testimonials, and compelling.

Multi-Platform Delivery

Design once, and serve in different print and digital platforms. Adaptable design for desktops & mobile, and easily translated into print.

Full Web Coverage

Beautiful, responsive and powerful websites that exude the same power and enthusiasm as you do. Express thoughts on social media with a definitive strategy.

Our Creative Expertise


Content is the King. And we are kingmakers. From conceptualisation to a compellingly written script, based on a well thought out target plan, we believe in producing high quality marketing friendly writing for you. Taking cue from discussions, your existing content if any, and your vision, we do the research to build a communique fitting for your organisation, delivering the message that will enhance your image among customers as well as peers.


We have been branding experts for a very long time and understand its importance in the scheme of things fully well. Be it a corporate identity or a product establishment, we graft a visual identity and put in place a communication strategy around your company / brand. As it is a digital age, we take special care that your brand identity looks as good and compelling on new and animated visual media as it does in print. We are experts in designing digital marketing campaigns that contribute to brand enhancement.


Good Design contributes to marketing and business performance. Our designs are visually appealing, increase trust and deliver a great user experience. We help your business win customers with a great design. From magazine advertisements to corporate/product brochures, Annual Reports, Point-of-Sales material, Exhibition Stands & Signage, to all other form factors.


With experience in creating websites, web and mobile applications, eCommerce solutions and customising open source content management systems, we support you to build digital assets unique to your business. Transforming existing projects into new media, interactive presentation, multimedia with customised animation, and maintenance of digital assets, we do it all. With in-house film and photo studio, custom visual content is created specifically for your need.

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A showcase of our works


Look at Some of Our Customers

Connaught Place Redevelopment

Revamping historical spaces

During the Commonwealth Ilaksha Studios was the chosen “Signage” partner in the consortium for the Redevelopment of Connaught Place. We designed a world class signage system for Shop Front Boards, Block Markers & Directories, Maps, Historical & Information Panels, Traffic Signs (for vehicles), Directional Signage (for pedestrians), and Norms for Advertising in Public Spaces. The general guidelines devised by us have since then been adopted for other areas under NDMC.

India Today Diaries

More than a decade ago, we re-designed the complete set and added new concept of Diaries in the India Today Diaries range. Since then, we have been conceptualising and developing their advertising campaigns each year, including photography, magazine campaign, Point of Sales Materials, and website banners. Have also designed sets of Exclusive Notebooks, for executive use and for schools & colleges, under this umbrella brand.

S&T Group

Promoting new-age business with new-age tools

We have undertaken a complete overhaul of communication and PR strategy for Ace Data – an IT firm specialising in data protection. We have designed and maintain their website, and send emailers to their customer list. We have participated in several national and international events on their behalf generating good business leads. Lately, we have started using films and animated presentations for both business promotion and for training.

Tvastar Engineering

Project Management and Plant Automation

Tvastar Engineering is an IT firm implementing Project Management and Plant Automation Software Solutions for large organizations. We started by designing and developing their brand identity, including logo design, office stationery and advertising system. Now we make Presentations and animated films for concept explanations to customers as well as business promotion. Exhibition panels, corporate and product brochures, magazine advertisements, banners, and other forms of advertising.

E-Books and

Ilaksha Studios presents to you an entirely new kind of book that is dynamic, current, engrossing, and truly interactive. A book specially designed using our creative ability in tandem with newly available tools and technology. A book currently brought to life by Apple iPad.

Multi-Touch Interactive

A Multi-Touch book on iPad is a gorgeous, full-screen experience full of interactive diagrams, photos, videos, and more.

Interactive 3D and Images

Manipulate 3D objects with touch and see it from any angle. Interactive images with callouts and pan-&-zoom features filling it with more info.

Interactive Galleries

Swipe in place to see a gallery or entire collection of related interactive photos with captions, instead of just one static picture.

Multi-Media & Presentations

Video and audio bring any subject matter to life, anywhere on the page. Movies can play automatically or controlled manually. Readers have access to your PPT presentations with custom animations right inside their e-books.

Highlighting, Note Taking & Study Reviews

A new study aid: one that helps take notes and review content as you read. Let readers test their knowledge using variety of question types - including photo based multiple choice.


A Creative Assembly

Film & Presentations

Corporate films, training films, instructional videos, customer testimonials, marketing/financial/HR presentations, animated explainers.


Hotels & Resorts, Food, Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle, Portfolio, Products, Architectural, Nature, Industrial, Wedding, 360º Panoramas.

Print & Digital

Brochures & Pamphlets, Print Advertisements, Packaging Design, Digital Templates, E-books & brochures, Posters, Danglers.


Static & Dynamic Websites, E-commerce, Blogs, Social Media pages, including content creation, management and updation.

Signage & Exhibitions

From determining the message target, structure & base design to display panels & podiums. Get the maximum out of this medium through our expertise.

Content Management

Creative copy and visualisation is the basis of our work. We understand your business, and write compelling story to represent it in the best way possible.

  • Concept

  • Story & Script

  • Storyboarding

  • Studio Shoot

  • Location Shoot

  • User Interface

  • Set Design

  • Narration & Dubbing

  • Music

  • Green Screen Replacement

  • 3D Elements

  • Special Effects

  • Actors & Talent

  • Editing

  • Graphics

  • Stock Footage


Taking corporate presentations to new levels!

Max Life Insurance Payment Options

A combination of concepts using live shoot, 3D objects, presentation tools and special effects to convey the outdated state of current scenarios and measures being taken to modernize the management system using the Internet and real-time information gathering and processing.

ImTrac Asset Tracking System

For showcasing their product Abhraya, we made a presentation defining the features and benefits of the solution, including customer testimonials plus other details of Ace Data Devices. The film is used both for sales & marketing activities as well as for explaining the solution to other stakeholders.

Voter Education Film for Oman Municipal Elections

Using custom made animated characters and situational backgrounds, combined with explainatory elements, the film was made as an educating tool for people casting the vote in electronic machines for the first time. It was also meant to run on state television.


Full Day

Full Day Modelling Portfolio
Stills Shoot in Studio

  • 1 Set of Photo Prints
  • Developed Digital Files
  • Make-Up Artist
  • Bring Your Own Costumes
  • Career Advice



Responsive Website with long scrolling page containing important information and links

  • Free Domain Booking
  • Hosting on Your Site Name
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact Page with Map and Form
  • Search Engine Optimisation


Full Day

Photoshoot for Hotels, Restaurants and Showrooms. Get all important areas covered.

  • 1 Set of Photo Prints
  • Developed Digital Files
  • High Dynamic Range Photos
  • 360º Panorama
  • Video Available at Extra Cost


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